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1028 Budapest, Hidegkúti út 167. Mobil: 30/682-2121 E-mail:
Magyar / English
1028 Budapest, Hidegkúti út 167.
Mobil: 30/682-2121 E-mail:


The Kiss Elementary School of Arts was founded in 1993. The school is located in the 2nd district of Budapest, and is operated by an independent foundation.

We offer music, dance and fine arts classes in 9 locations (schools) of the district as well as in Budakeszi, Telki, Budajenő and Páty. We work with a group of highly-trained professionals (all acknowledged in their respective fields) to provide high-quality classes that are tailored to the needs of each individual student. Every year, we work with over 500 students in 25 different fields. Apart from classical music, we increasingly offer classes in entertainment music genres using classical and innovative methods. We constantly improve our methodological repertoire to include such new methods which are supported by pedagogical research as effective. We would like to bring closer to the next generation of students the joy of self-expression through music, dance or the fine arts, and the pleasure of being creative. Through a series of indicators (high number of enrolled students, quality of classes, number of public performances, enrollments in competitions) we see the value of staying open to new approaches in methodology and reacting to the changing interests of the public, all the while cultivating a long-standing tradition of quality education of the arts.

As a result of continuous professional organisation, we organise 9-10 concerts every year. Our fine arts students present their works at exhibitions, and our dance students introduce their talents at various dance galas.

As an educational reference institute we harbor several good practices in the area of primary-level music and dance education. We have the opportunity to contribute nationally to the improvement of the pedagogy of primary-level arts education through our collection of good practice examples.

As an accredited Talent Point of excellence, we especially focus on the development and support of highly talented students by providing the opportunity for extracurricular activities for development and performance. We actively search for young talents in the pre-schools in the geographical area where our school is active.